Monday, September 15, 2008

Workshop with Charles Pearce

Over the weekend the Memphis Calligraphy Guild hosted a workshop with Charles Pearce.  The topic was pen manipulation, and we worked with uppercase and lowercase Romans. 
As he demonstrated on butcher paper at the front, we were able to follow along with his beautiful handouts. These handouts are the best I have ever seen -- with extraordinary clarity, drawings and notes. Late in the day on Sunday he demonstrated this funky alphabet based on the work of Arthur Baker.

One of the demos that Charles did in front of class:

My own work on some cold press watercolor paper:


nikheel said...

Hi Roann
Stunning, quite liked it.

Ruth said...

Hi Roann,
You have such a unique eye and passion for calligraphy. I admire your work and interpretation and how well bookbinding and calligraphy intertwine....

cindy yount said...

Such lovely shades of green! Love this!