Monday, June 25, 2007

Painting at the Stirring

This month I have been the artist during Hope Presbyterian's contemporary service, called The Stirring. It is quite unusual. The room is dark, and lit mostly by candles. The music is fantastic! While the band is playing I am over to the right painting away! At first it was kind of scary, but after last night, I thought -- "this is so cool! They just let me sit up here and paint!"
I will be there one more week. The service is at 5:30 on Sunday nights, if you want to check it out. I will p0st pictures of the finished painting when it is done.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Journal Pages

Here are some of the latest pages from my art journals. The backgrounds were painted with gesso and acrylic paint, then lettered on with bleed proof white (for those of you who need to know that kind of stuff). I see these journals as on-going. They are never finished; they are constantly evolving and changing. I really like that aspect of them -- I will never have to frame them or "finish " them in the traditional sense of that word. Which is comforting to the ADD part of me.

Special thanks to the wonderful artists who have influenced the evolution fo these journals -- Sharon Zeugin, Jacqueline Sullivan and Karyn Gartel.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Trolley Night Downtown Memphis

The Art Trolley Tour in the South Main District takes place on the last Friday of every month all year long. The ring of the trolley sounds as the shops, restaurants and galleries in the area open their doors to the throngs of Memphians and visitors who make Art Trolley Tour on Main an event not to be missed. The atmosphere is electric, with musicians performing outside cafes, and crowds of people walking up and down South Main Street. It's like New Orleans French Quarter meets Chicagofest meets Greenwich Village! Ride the trolley for free to can see the whole area. Who knew that Memphis could be so much fun?!

My work, along with several other artists is hanging in a gallery at 387 S. Main. There were people strolling in and out all evening! I was so surprised by the turnout! Can't wait til next month to do it again. Here's how my pieces look in the gallery: