Monday, August 04, 2008

More From Letters Mingle Souls

There were so many exhibits at conference, and each one was equally breathtaking.  This first photo is from the TreeWhispers Exhibit, which was hung in a kind of atrium from the ceiling and could be seen from both the main floor and the balcony above, where I took this photo.

Then there was the faculty exhibit. I took a number of photos, but since most of the pieces were under glass, they were hard to photograph.  Here are two that caught my eye -- the first one is Rosie Kelly's book, which was in a case. I can never get enough of looking at her work!

This is just one panel of many that were hanging from a clothesline (for lack of a better word) by Lisa Englebrecht. I believe it was a book, with all the pages hanging next to each other.

When I arrived at conference I was greeted with excitement about my Martin Luther King painting.  I was so honored and humbled that it was placed at the entrance to the Chicago guild's Exploration 2008 exhibit in this very prominent position. I still can't quite get over it.

One of the unique features about this conference were the Mini Workshops.  It was like having a conference within a conference.  Here is the book I made in one of the classes I took.  It was so cool -- I just had to know how to do this beaded binding! Class was taught by Barbara Mann.

I have more photos, and will keep posting them until I run out!  My dining room table is still covered with supplies from conference, and will have to be cleaned up before we have guests this weekend. And the big Martin Luther King painting is still in a box in the corner!  Shipping that piece home was an adventure!  


Cindy Trobaugh said...

This must have been a superb conference. The quality of work in your pictures is amazing. Cindy T

Bonnie said...

Your artwork is INCREDIBLY beautiful! What a lovely "find" to stumble upon your blog!

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi Roann,
I didn't make it to the exhibit where your piece was exhibited, and now I'm REALLY annoyed with myself! Congratulations, about nine months too late... hope you are doing well & taking good care of yourself.