Thursday, May 01, 2008

Paste Papers from the workshop

Here are some of the paste papers that I did during the Rosie Kelly workshop.

On the second day we started lettering on the pages. I used twinkling H2Os, Dr. Martins Bleed Proof white and sumi ink to see what worked on the backgrounds.

I wanated to experiment with transfers to see if they would work with the paste/acrylic combination. The image of David was an inkjet transfer that I applied before the paste was laid down.

This page is the title page of the book I worked on in class. Rosie showed us how to emboss the border around the opening, and it looks really crisp.

This is what the page looks like without the cover sheet.


Beth Lee said...

Wow! What wonderful images, Roann. I wish I had been there. Now I'm just going to have to cook up some paste and have my own little paste-paper workshop at home. How inspiring! And I get to see the inkjet transfers you've been working on in another context. I love it.


Yogi said...

Very very nice. Looks like you had a fabulous time in her class. I love doing paste papers and your's have a wonderful look/feel to them. Will have to play again this summer and try doing more integrated color blocks.
I gather the ink jet transfer (which you said was done first, then you paste decorated around it?? There are a white and a lighter border around the image is that paste too or part of the transfer?

Spike said...

DROOLWORTHY!!! I love the colors you used, and the inks on top. Waaah . . . now I want to make up a bunch of paste, and there's just too much that needs doing already.

Thanks for the eye candy!

Anonymous said...

Talk abut eye candy, these are gorgeous! The style you used is very striking and I love the H20s accents. My paste paper never looked like this. Glad you had fun in your class.

Lorraine in TN

sabine said...

Lovely and beautiful... thanks for sharing !

Carol said...

Your papers are really beautiful Roann. I have to agree with Beth, inspirational and make me want to have a go as soon as possible. I love paste papers but mine are usually quite traditional - I like yours way better.

Roann Mathias said...

Thanks, everyone for the great comments!

Toni said...

Beautiful Roann! So now i am wondering if a transfer could be done after the paste and acrylics were applied.