Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Amazing Rosie Kelly

The Memphis Calligraphy Guild just hosted two workshops with calligrapher and book artist Rosie Kelly. Here are a few pages from HER books, which are too beautiful to not post.


Yogi said...

WOW her work is wonderful. BOLD and striking. Love the way she applies her blocks of color and her color schemes

callicarol said...

Having also been in a Reggie Ezell class, I have seen some of Rosie Kelly's books. Breathtaking! I hope you don't mind Roann, I think you'll understand when I say as great as your photos are, I don't think anyone's photos could do justice to her amazing use of color. And yes, yogi her color schemes are fantastic! I'd love to take a workshop from her!! Thanks so much for posting, Roann!

teri said...

NiCe Roann!!

i've always enjoyed Rosie's work. it sure looks like YOU had a good and quite productive time... your pieces are lovely.. but that doesn't suprise me!

thanks for sharing!

Lena said...

I took one of Rosie Kelly's workshops through the Connecticut Valley Calligraphers, and , as incredible as her own work is, she is also able to inspire others to new levels. She's a fabulous and very fun teacher.
Lynn Curtis

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