Sunday, July 06, 2008

Second half at Arrowmont

What an intense week! We all worked hard during the day and most of us stayed in the studio til after 9 every night.  Dan was generous with his time, coming back in after hours to help everyone or just hang out with us.  Here are the books that I did, some of Dan's and some of the other students'.

My 4 X 6" book, with papers that I had decorated in advance:

The same book, open from the front, showing the papers:

Cover of my other wooden board book:

Both covers and spine sewing:

Detail of window, covered with mica and tiny brass nails:

Detail of back cover. Notice the crackled wood treatment. I made the tiny scroll myself, including the carved dowels, using an actual power tool!

Detail of the headband sewing, which was one of the most difficult things that we did:

Inside back cover with marbled paper under a circle of mica:

Inside front cover:

The tiny book that I started on the first day, finished off with a headband stitch:

Two covers not attached to a text block yet:

These two books are examples of Dan's. The top one is about 4 X 5" with blank pages. This is a detail of the spine, the stitching, the colorful way that he dyes the covers and the inset with the shells. Most of his books look like this.

This book is a sample showing the kinds of things we could do to the covers ou our books -- the inset windows, the mica shapes sewn in, the little pillow-shaped insets on the bottom right.

Ann's book:

Damon McIntyre's book:
Lynne's book:
Patty's book:
It was a great workshop and I am so glad that I was able to attend.  From a calligrapher's point of view, it was wonderful to understand this structure better.  I can imagine books filled with lettering done this way.  I definitely came away with ideas for future projects.


Candy said...

Hi Roann,
Your books are gorgeous! How wonderful to be able to attend this class. I can just imagine the things running through your head to make now! :o)
Thank you for sharing your books and the others.

Dianne Adams said...

The books are wonderful. I'm curious what the cover of Damon's book is made of. Thanks for sharing.

Mary S Hunt said...

You did lovely work with your coptic stitch.

Nancy said...

These are wonderful and inspiring. Thanks for showing them. I really want to learn how to do those headbands!

alcoholinky said...

fantastic books. it looks like a lot of work and enjoyment went into creating those!

Carol said...

Roann, you've just lived one of my dreams - to do a workshop with Dan. Probably impossible as I'm in Australia but I have 3 of Dan's books and I wrote about them on my blog. Your books look great and so do the others in the group, I'm so envious, but also so pleased that you had this opportunity. Thak you for sharing this experience. Carol

Lindart said...

OMG! These are all beautiful books. You are so-o-o-o lucky to have the opportunity to learn from him!

Yogi said...

These are all gorgeous. What a fabulous week. I love bookbinding, but have never seen that type of headband decoration. Very interesting. Love all the niches with the mica. Your distressed cover in the prvious blog date is wonderful. Definitely a lot of work and love went into it.

Holly said...

wow! What fun that must have been. Great work on your books and the pages you decorated too!


Roann Mathias said...

Thanks for all the great comments!

Damon's book -- he is a woodworker, so he took his boards to the wood shop part of the school and drilled out all those holes. Then he sanded them with a hand held dremel with a special tip on it. He was a very nice guy. I think he wanted the book to look kind of like the moon. It was interesting.

Donna said...

Oh, Roann -- everyone of these books is a treat for the eyes. They're just glorious!


Priscilla Hill said...

Fantastic job, Roann! I have taken several classes with Dan and just finished a Mica Book class.He is a FANTASTIC teacher. I posted it on my blog if you want to take a look.

ArtCricket said...

Beautiful books, thanks for taking time to share them!

Quietfire Style said...

Great eye candy! Thanks so muc for sharing!