Monday, July 21, 2008

Letters Mingle Souls first impressions

Wow! I am finally here and so far everything has been amazing!  If I elaborate, it will all sound too gushy, so I will just share these first photos:

I am taking a week long class with Yves Leterme called Gestural Writing. Here is one of his demos:
This is Yves demonstrating at someone's desk in class:

In the classroom next door is Charles Pearce!  Here is one of his class demos from the first day.  I post it because it typifies what conference is all about (aside from all the socializing, shopping, and seeing exhibits!)

Charles Pearce
Reggie was impressed with Peter's suspenders and couldn't resist!  They called themselves 2 good-old-boys from Tennessee!


Sarah said...

hey, looks like you're having a great time! love you!

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hey Roann! Lovely photos from the conference, so glad to see them posted for all to see! Your work is truly amazing and I think you should include yourself in the "stealthy calligrapher" category. I am duly impressed. Thanks again for sharing photos, all my best, Kathy.