Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Student Work from Artiscape V in Jackson

Over the weekend I was one of the instructors at Artiscape V in Jackson, TN.  My segment was on transfers.  We used Inkjet transparencies, printed with an Epson R260, and transferred with acrylic soft gel medium, gesso and alcohol. The participants ranged from newbies to experienced stampers/paper artitsts. Here are some of the results: (my apologies for not getting the names that go with these photos)

Transfer using gesso, then collaged onto cardstock, by Linda Campo:

Alcohol transfer onto watercolor paper; leaf stamps added after:

Canvas on the left, paper on the right:

Transfers onto canvas using gel medium and gesso:

Transfers onto canvas with stamping added:


Yogi said...

Very nice. I like the one with the Alcohol transfer and the leaves/butterfly.

Lindart said...

I love playing with transfers! I've never tried the gesso transfer, I must do that!! Thanks for sharing!