Monday, October 15, 2007

New Work

Here are two new books I just finished for the advanced calligraphy class. If you want to see more photos of these, I put them on the Reggie Year blog. Thanks for looking!

Front cover of book, about 4 X 5"

Detail of front cover, showing silver foil and cut out opening:

Detail of inside front cover:

This book is 4.5" X 10". The text is from Annie Dillard's book, The Writing Life, which was brought back to my attention by my favorite writer and pal, Brent Diggs. Dillard's comments about writing are always relevant and so appropriate for calligraphy, even though that's not what she was really writing about. Here are a few photos:

Front cover of book:

Detail of text, actual size, Dr. Martin's BleedProof White on Paste Paper:


callisuart said...

Wow! Roann, what a very inspirational book. May I ask how you prepared the background paper? I love the colours you used. The Bleedproof Ink is a definite 'must have' on my next overseas shopping list! Best wishes, Sue Williams in South Africa

Coby said...

Roann: very impressive as always. Your ability to turn words into pure art is amazing. Coby