Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Studio!

Last week I moved my art studio into a new space. This will be the second time that I have had my studio outside of our home and I will actually go to work like a "real" person.* The space is twice a big as my above-the-garage studio, with great hardwood floors and room for teaching classes. Here are some moving day photos:

Main Room:

Other Room:

*For the rest of you real people who have really been working at home all along, no offense intended, because I know what it feels like when you mention that you work at home and you are met with those polite but condescending looks by real professionals who are secretly thinking that you have no idea what the real world is like, and oh, isn't it nice to work in your sweats until noon, catch the latest dish on The View and check out Matt Lauer's newest crew cut? Well, yeah, those things are great perks of working at home and I will miss them, but already just mentioning to friends that I am moving into a studio has made them take me more seriously as an artist.

More than half of my things are unpacked and put away. It's great to have so much space to spread out in. More photos next week when I am settled in.

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