Friday, February 09, 2007

This painting has been waiting to be finished since its inception in St. Louis in 2004. As time has passed, it has become so huge in my mind that I will never be skilled enough to complete it. So daunting! But now it must be finished by next week for a big show opening in Memphis. I have waited so long for this opportunity, and now that it's here I am so nervous. Procrastination is my companion ---- I need more paint, I need better reference photos, what style should I use for the final bit of lettering, on and on. More avoidance-- writing this blog, creating a new piece for an old friend, trying out for the design team of The Stamping Studio, designing more stamps for them...on and on. So now, after whining, and procrastinating, I am going to paint! I will put up the pictures when it is done!

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