Saturday, February 17, 2007

Final Version Bound Together

The painting was finished on Thursday night, with no time to spare. As usual, I could have gone on tweaking it and fixing the lettering, but there came a point in the day when it was just too late to make any more changes.
From top to bottom: the final stretched canvas in the venue on 387 S. Main in Memphis for the Visible Film Festival.
Detail of Martin Luther King Jr.
Detail of the lyrics that were added last
Detail of the people
This was a large project which took 3 years to complete. In all that time, I have continued to be convicted by the words in the James Taylor song, and still see the images of darkness and mist when I listen to it. Many other projects developed as a result of reading King's sermons, researching his life, and of course, living in Memphis, which is still struggling (publicly)with the issue of racism. I finally chose the title "Bound Together" because of all the people in the painting, and the idea that "we cannot walk alone."
One small voice, one unknown artist, in a tribute to the legacy of a great man.


MrsL said...

Magnificent. Simply magnificent.


susan said...

What a lovely piece. Is it watercolor, oils, acrylics?

Your lettering is very striking, I admire those who can do such work with letters.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp

Roann Mathias said...

Thank you so much! The piece is all acrylic paint on primed canvas. Most of the lettering was done with a brush. Some of the smaller texts were done with normal calligrapy pens (mitchell nibs).

Victoria said... all I can say!

Congratulations on this wonderful work, Roanne!

brent said...

That is beautiful, simply amazing.

Sue said...

Some of the most fantastic pieces of calligraphic art that I have ever seen Roann! Absolutely stunning!
Bright blessings,
Sue x