Saturday, July 28, 2007

Xtreme gilding class student work

These are samples of the gilding that my students did in class at conference. From top to bottom: Jacquie, Margaret Lammerts, Ruth Merritt and Yuki. Thank you all for working so hard and creating such beautiful work in such a short time.


The Letter said...

Very nice blog, Roann. I enjoyed participating in your class at the conference.

Roann Mathias said...

Thanks for the comment and for being in class. I appreciate how hard everyone worked, and I thought that your suggestions were very good.

baba said...

Your talent is outstanding. It is obvious what an artist your are. As for you question of technique vs. project, I love to take home a finsihed project. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. I still enjoy learning new techniques but the finished project gets my vote. Thanks Barbara