Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gesso Transfers

After hearing about this method on the inkjet transfer Yahoo Group, I decided to try it. My experiments have turned out really well and I am very excited about this new possibility. The gesso "takes" the transfer so well. Because it is white, it can be used to cover up a previous layer of writing, or background that you don't like or need. Here are some of the transfers that I have tried:

Above: Ink jet transfer using Apollo transparancies, Golden gesso onto Fabriano 300 lb. hot press watercolor paper. The actual size of the image transferred is 4" X 8".

Above: a detail of the first image, showing the texture of the gesso.

The substrate on this one (above) is Arches Text Wove, which seems to be one of the only texutred papers that work well for transfers. Original size -- 2" X 3".

Above: A smaller image transferred onto the same Fabriano paper.

Below: this is a close-up detail showing the gesso's texture.

Above: This is an even smaller image transferred onto Fabriano black paper. It is only about 1.5" X 1.75. I love the way the gesso looks on the black background.